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The University of Lancaster has a reputation of igniting the minds of students and help them strive for excellence. If you are a student of a prestigious university like the University of Lancaster then you can never ignore the assignments. If you are smart you can hire professional writers and get good scores without any difficulty.

Boost Your Scores In The Assignments By Overcoming The Challenges

Most of the students struggle in writing assignments as they find the subjects to be tough. From time to time students work hard to make up for the lack of time to work on their work.. However following some expert tips will improve your assignment writing style. 

Survey and planning: When you do the course you will get a reading list. Your professor will select a text from this list that will help you especially in your work and assignments so get acquainted with it immediately. Reading what is on your list will give you valuable insights into the topics you want to write about. It makes your life easier when you want to write an assignment. 

Understand the challenges and take notes: Make sure you understand this before you start. Writing an essay that is irrelevant or inconsistent can have serious consequences. You always have to know what you are doing and what you need to say. If necessary, re-read the instructions to help you understand what is expected. You also have to decide the length of the essay and how to proceed with it. 

Use different resources: To understand the terms and instructions given by your professor, they may recommend some resources to you. Unfortunately, this is something that many students overlook. For example, to understand how professors score assignments, you need to have a fair knowledge of the evaluation criteria.

Gain A Detailed Understanding If The Reflection Models To Ace The Complicated Assignments

The process of contemplative thinking involves consciously thinking and analyzing what is happening now, what has been done before, what has been experienced, and what has been learned. The reflection model guides the individual through this process. Each model offers different ways to approach these thoughts. You can combine one model with another to create custom designs. When this is done, a model is used as a foundation, and questions and ideas from other frameworks are added to it.

There Are Various Other Models Of Reflection Just Like

Baud’s triangular representation is probably the simplest reflection model. The cyclical framework begins with experience, leads to reflection, and then to learning. Reflective thinking focuses on the essential belief that leads to further learning, but does not provide guidance on what should be in the reflective process or how learning can return to experience.

Jones’ models were developed from his learning experience by analyzing conversations between the person working with him and the supervisor. It focuses on pre-established patterns of Barbara Carper’s knowledge including:

  •       Aesthetics, or the art of what is being done
  •       Self-awareness
  •       Moral or ethical knowledge
  •       Experience or scientific knowledge.
  •       Johns’ model adds reflexivity (or added to previous experience) to this list.

The Atkins and Murphy models are commonly used to guide deeper levels of reflection. It encourages users to reflect on the assumptions made during the experience. The Atkins and Murphy cycles include:

Awareness Of Situations, Actions, Or Experience

Explain situations such as emotions, thoughts, and characteristics.

At this stage, strategies related to alternative behavior must also be considered and examined, including the analysis of emotions and knowledge, the identification of assumptions made, and challenges.

Evaluate the relevance of knowledge (For example, did the user’s existing knowledge help explain or solve the problem, or did they lack the knowledge to improve the experience?)

Identify What You Learned From This Reflection

The Atkins and Murphy models are suitable for deep reflections and are often not suitable for quick reflections.

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