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During college years, almost all the students are worried about their grades. Despite knowing the topics very well and writing the appropriate solutions, most students don’t reach their expected scores. Instead, they end up scoring just decent marks. Why? Why does it happen? College students pursuing their degree in any institute of Dublin can relate it very well and know the answer. Besides the accuracy and delivery of assignment content, several evaluation parameters are crucial in making up the mark division. Well, here we will discuss those evaluation parameters in detail and finally introduce the best solution to boost your grades in assignments.

Assignment Evaluation Parameters In Dublin That Hinders The Students From Scoring High

Before diving into the evaluation parameters, let’s have a brief overview of the universities in Dublin. In Dublin, there are four famous universities where students from abroad come to pursue their higher studies. These universities are- Trinity College, Dublin City University, University of Dublin, and the University College Dublin. Among these four institutes, Trinity College is the oldest one (founded in 1592) and originates from the Book of Kells. Here, taking admission is a difficult task, and it has an acceptance rate of around 34-35%. But, from the employment and job perspective, this college has magnificent placement statistics of more than 92%. 

Alright, let’s move on to the evaluation parameters that the universities in Dublin generally follow. 

Plagiarism Is Not Acceptable

Professors show their strictness on the extreme level when they find plagiarized fragments in a student’s work. They don’t care if this plagiarism has risen just because of their sentence framing or they have copied. They consider it plagiarized, and the student loses his marks. So, to avoid this kind of deduction in marks, make sure you have scanned your answer copy for plagiarism. The same is the mistake where the students lose the most considerable portion of marks. 

Answer Must Be According To The Tone Of Questions

Most international students studying in any university in Dublin may feel weird, but identifying the tone of the question is essential. In simple terms, it’s known as Bloom Taxonomy. If the problem statement includes words like describe, elaborate, etc., it means you need to get into the detailed analysis of the problem statement. Whereas, if the question includes some words like synopsis, brief, and concise, it indicates that you must be specific about what the question demands. Most of the international students struggle with it and lose their marks. The best way to tackle it is to chart these keywords and a suitable word limit of answers, respectively. 

Formatting And Structure

Again, here the students need to be careful. Professors usually deduct marks if the student has not used proper formatting. If you follow the pattern according to the correct formatting, you can save your marks quickly. For this, you must make a note of different types of assignments and dissertation structures. This step can save you from losing your marks.

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