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Fiji, an island country in the Southern Pacific region, is known for its good higher education level and a high literacy rate of around 92 percent, even when education is not compulsory. For pursuing higher education in Fiji, there are three most popular universities, the University of The South Pacific, Fiji School of Medical, and Fiji Institute of Technology. 

These three universities offer almost 72 higher education programs, among which 32 are graduate degree programs, 28 are postgraduate degree programs, and only one of these universities offers Ph.D. programs in 12 subjects. 

Being part of Australia, the Fijian education system is governed by Australian education policies, which is quite complicated. The reason behind the complexity is the weekly assignments and tasks given by the university. There are so many reasons why students feel difficulty in writing assignments. Let us look at some of them.

Common Difficulties Faced By The Students In Fiji For Assignments

During their program in Fiji universities, the students have to face many difficulties throughout the curriculum. The most challenging task is to score good grades in assignments, which will overall reflect academic scores. Here are the reasons why the assignments in Fijian universities are too difficult to score.

Presenting An Easy Question With Tricky Customizations

Many professors usually set up assignment problems by customizing some conventional easy questions. They add some tricky limitations to the questions to make them difficult. For example, suppose there is a simple question based on functions from basic-level computer programming. In that case, a professor may probably ask to write the same program using recursion or any other specific function method. Undoubtedly, all the professors teach very interactively and interestingly, but they refrain from scoring good grades.

Plagiarism Is Like An Offense

The education system of Fiji has strict rules for plagiarism in assignments. However, native students of Fiji are comfortable with these plagiarism rules but, students from Asian countries are not habitual to such strict rules. When they have to submit their assignments within short deadlines, they just rephrase from sources or write some portion. If one doesn’t follow plagiarism policy, there would be many deductions in marks. If the professor gets plagiarism in the solution, it becomes hard for the student to get even half of the total marks.  

A Correct Referencing Format Is Necessary To Score High

While writing assignments, referencing is the most confusing and difficult part. All referencing styles have a unique format. Several students from different countries don’t know much about these referencing styles like- APA, Harvard, MLA, and other formats. In Fiji, professors are strict about the reference style and format of assignments. They deduct marks if students follow the wrong formatting style as mentioned in the guidelines. 

Bloom Taxonomy Is A Must To Score Good Grades In Assignments

Bloom Taxonomy is a hierarchical model of marking assignments easy and well as per the requirements. Without this technique, it is impossible to score marks in assignments for the students pursuing their education in Fiji. The students who don’t know much about the bloom taxations face difficulties in describing, summarizing, and analyzing the assignment’s objectives. Thus they are not specific to what the question requires them to write. Due to unclarity in answers, students lose marks.

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