A competency demonstration report or CDR is simply a technical document that evaluates your knowledge and skill and compares it with Australian standards. To be precise, the CDR is a trump card for anyone who wants to obtain a skilled migration visa in Australia. EA, also termed Engineers Australia, Your CDR is examined to find out whether you are qualified for the category you have applied for or not. Only then will they authorize the immigration for you into Australia.

Your CDR should comprise three main components. They are continuing professional development (CPD), career episodes, and summary statements. CPD is simply an analysis of what you have done to keep you pumped up about engineering knowledge after your graduation. Career episodes are of three parts in which you need to explain your growth as an engineer. All three parts must contain your experience from various periods as an engineer. Last but not least, the Summary statement is the crucial part of writing a CDR. 

You have to analyze all the documentation you have done in three career episodes and should create a summary of all three episodes.

Tricks For Curating A Good CDR Report

  • The Institution of Engineers Australia ensures that only the worthy people get a chance to work in Australia. To ensure this, EA has set some guidelines in preparing CDR. 
    • The CDR sample prepared by you should contain a proper introduction filled with information about their nature of work and experience along with the designation they held. Giving an appropriate introduction becomes a mandate for CDR report writing. While including personal information, affix your passport size photo and include your resume. Ensure that the introduction should be a hundred words or more.
    • Make sure to add the proper background about your workplace and the nature and objectives of the overall project that you have worked on. 
    • Your personal engineering activity is the main part of the assessment. It would help if you elucidated how well you applied your engineering knowledge, your team coordination, and your technical problem-solving ability.
    • If you have involved yourself in some technical, creative design, do mention it because you get a higher chance of getting selected with that skill. 
    • Mention your skill in project management and not forget to write a catchy summary statement.
    • It will contain valuable information like your organization’s name, experience gained, the title of the position occupied by you, and chronology.
    • You must avoid plagiarism at any cost. Use reputed software to check plagiarism.
    • Including creative designs can help you fetch good marks in the CDR reports. Highlight your designing activities to impress the professors.
    • While writing summary statements, ensure utilizing the first-person narrative and complete the summary statement within nine hundred words
    • For listing professional developments, usage of tabular formats are advised.

Easy Steps For Writing CDR Reports

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the easy steps of CDR writing:

Step 1: In the initial step, you will need to go through the instructions and guidelines patiently.

Step 2: You need to formulate strategies for curating the CDR reports

Step 3: You need to write the CDR reports by following all instructions.

Step 4: In the next step, revise your writing thoroughly to get rid of silly errors. Proofreading is a mandate for good CDR report writing.

Step 5: Get your CDR checked by a professional.

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