As per the refund policy of OnlineTutorHelps, if you order any work, you cannot cancel your order. You will be provided with the solution to your work according to your requirements specified in the order. While once your order has been, you would be receiving an automatic confirmation of your order acceptance. 

After that, our expert writers are reserved for creating your solution and provide you according to your specifications. That is the reason you cannot cancel your work once ordered. 

However, once the solution is provided to you, and you don’t feel satisfied as per your specification and personalization. You can contact our support team and raise your dispute for rework and modification. Once you register your complaint with us. We will work for your solution and provide you with your modified documents within 48 hours of your complaint.

Moreover, if you don’t feel like it is provided to you as per your satisfaction, you can directly contact our expert team for your personal solution. 

At OnlineTutorHelps, you can get personal support for all your services with the original quality of work done in a timely. Also, as per the payment terms, we do not refund your payment for work already provided for the service on our platform. Only in some exceptional cases might we provide a refund to the customer based on their project work and finance.  

But if you order and instantly ask for a refund, which clearly means that you have changed your mind to avail service and want your payment to be refunded. If your work is not yet started and is not allocated to any of our expert writers, our team will look at all the factors. If possible, we would refund the amount. 

In any case, if you don’t feel like you are not satisfied with our service, you can go for rework or modifications as per your order requirement. You can specify what all amendments need to be done by the writer in original content and can also specify the time clause. Still, if we are unable to satisfy your requirements and specification, our team will study, and your refund would be initiated depending upon the work and situation. 

Before initiating the refund, our team will ask to sign an agreement with the website administrator. If you fail to sign the agreement, your refund might get cancelled. Once your refund is initiated, your price and amount of refund will be decided by our expert support team, and they will proceed with your refund.