Reasons Why Students Are Stuck in Solving the Assignments of King’s Own Institute

Have you ever thought about why most of the top-notch institutes like- King’s Own Institute have a strict evaluation policy for semester exams and assignments? Probably it may be because they want to filter the most intellectual minds based on their grades. However, writing these assignments is never an easy task to do. And, these assignments cause a direct impact on the grades of the students as the final evaluation includes a significant weightage of these assignments. 

The same thing is manageable if there are only a few assignments per semester but, the situation becomes pathetic when assignments are on a daily or weekly basis. Not only this, there are several reasons why the students are stuck in solving the assignments.

3 Factors That Make The Assignments Of King’s Own Institute A Herculean Task To Do

Even though the level of teaching of the professors at King’s Own Institute is unmatchable, still several reasons make the assignments of King’s Own Institute a herculean task to do. The students, as an outcome, seek any sort of assistance in solving their assignments to secure their grades. Thus, most of these assignments are uncompromisable but include some unnecessary things also up to an extent. Here we are describing the top 3 factors that make the assignments tricky.

  • Bulk Of Assignments

The number of assignments that the students get is not fixed. It completely depends upon the mind of the instructor. The instructor may give assignments to the students either every week, after every 2-3 days, daily, or even after a particular topic is over. If your professor gives you assignments weekly, then it won’t be a burden if you are following the lectures regularly. But, these assignments will become a huge burden if you are getting assignments more frequently than a week. Most ironically, nearly one-third of these assignments are not included in the final evaluation. 

  • Hectic Schedule

As a college student, besides your assignments and exams, there are several curricular and co-curricular activities to do. Moreover, the students pursuing technical courses, have to focus on industrial training and internships. Therefore, students don’t get sufficient time to work on their assignments amidst this hectic schedule. Short deadlines don’t let the students research the topic thoroughly and they often copy from online articles, journals, and books, etc. Otherwise, they approach any assignment writing firm.

  • Strict Evaluation Process

To secure good grades, your assignment answer scripts must meet the essential conditions. Professors look for professional-looking formatting and properly researched content in the answers. Your grades depend on whether your answer clearly solves the problem statement or not, and how unique your solution is. It is true for not only King’s Own Institute but also most of the pioneer colleges follow the same pattern while evaluating answer scripts.

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Assignments are not the only parameter to measure if a student is capable of getting into the professional world related to their course. Not only the mediocre students but also the toppers fail in maintaining the quality of the assignments as these assignments require a deep knowledge of subjects.

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