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Planning to take admission to the London school of economics? Congrats on choosing this university; you have already taken a step ahead in your career. However, studying at this university may need some additional writing skills. Saying yes to professional assignment help, you can easily deal with the complex assignments of the London School of economics. Scroll down below to know how you can boost your scores in the assignments.

Know About Reflection Paragraphs To Impress Your Professors

A reflection paragraph is a paragraph in which you have to write an opinion on a topic and support it with observations and personal examples. Unlike other scholars and writers, this essay allows you to write your own perspective. The best part is that there are no wrong answers. This is your opinion, and it is your job to discover what that is and bring it about. The range of topics is endless. Here are some examples: Do you think aliens exist, what is your favorite TV show, or what do you think about the aftermath of World War II? You can write almost anything.

Improve Your Assignment Scores By Writing A Compelling Summary

Writing a good summary is no cakewalk. Before writing a compelling summary, you must familiarize yourself with the different writing styles

The executive summary provides an overview of the main points of the larger report. It is usually created to be shared with individuals who do not have time to review the entire report. Readers should be able to make decisions only by reading the executive summary.

In general, working summaries are relatively short, with an average length of one-four pages. It would help if you wrote in short paragraphs using clear and concise language that is appropriate for your audience. To convey the message as clearly as possible, you need to be familiar with the document’s target audience. Also, the summary should have the same structure and flow as the main document. Like an executive summary, an abstract is a short summary of large text. Both executive summaries and abstracts aim to capture key ideas, findings, and conclusions in long documents. However, executive summaries contain more details than summaries. The summary contains enough information to determine if the reader wants to read the full-length documentary. Another difference between working summaries and abstracts is the fields they use. Executive summaries are more common in businesses and governments, while abstracts are more common in academia and Walden, especially if you want to publish them in a professional journal. The executive summary should contain enough information so that the reader can understand it without reading the full-length documentary. The main purpose of an executive summary is to provide a summary version of the main document, such as a business plan, to get the reader’s attention. Well-written summaries catch their attention and then your business objectives because business plan and report readers (investors, lenders, executives) usually do not have time to read the lengthy documents they receive. Since the executive summary is the first representation of the entire document, it should include the main body of the plan or proposal, and the final document should show the detailed points.

 The abstract is a brief summary of the completed study. The purpose is to explain your work without going into detail. Therefore, the abstract is self-contained and concise, and you need to make your work as concise and clear as possible. A good summary can solve this problem by showing the reader if the study is meaningful for their specific research project. Additionally, abstract libraries support catalog publications based on the keywords that appear in them. Therefore, the summary can be informative and descriptive.

Descriptive Summary: The descriptive summary shows the type of information found in work. It does not make decisions about the study or provide the results or conclusions of the study. Keywords are included in the text and may include the purpose, method, and scope of the survey. Basically, the description summary only describes the summarized tasks. Some researchers consider this an overview of the work, not a summary. Descriptive summaries are usually very short, 100 words or less.

Informative Summary: Most abstracts are informative. They have not yet criticized or evaluated the work, but they do more than just explain. A good and informative summary works on behalf of the work. The researcher presents and explains all the major discussions of the dissertation and the important results and evidence. The informative summary includes information contained in the descriptive summary [aim, method, scope], the findings and conclusions of the study, and the author’s recommendations. Discipline varies in length, but informative summaries usually do not exceed 300 words.

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