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Amidst your academic activities, do you sometimes miss some quizzes for sake of your exam preparation or some other genuine reasons? In such conditions do you often think that there would be someone who could help you in completing your online quiz? Yes, it is possible! OnlineTutorHelps provides the facility of online quiz help to college students. If you are looking for something similar, you are at the right place. 

What Is An Online Quiz? 

Nowadays, most universities are switching to online quiz and online exam systems from conventional pen-paper-based evaluation methods. Institutes use CMS (course management systems) to organize such types of online quizzes. Students have to log in using the ID and password provided by their institute, and thus they can appear in an online quiz. Coming to the pattern of the questions, these quizzes may include single correct multiple-choice questions, multiple correct multiple-choice questions, descriptive questions, and match the column, etc. One must have a good internet connection because a slow internet connection will surely interrupt your pace, and remember, there is pre-set time for attempting the quiz, or sometimes for each question, after which you can’t go back. 

What Are The Hurdles In Online Quizzes That Checks Students From Scoring High?

On one hand, there are lots of benefits of online quizzes, but there are several disadvantages and hurdles for students that restrain them from scoring high. 

  1. You Have To Clarify Yourself

In normal exams, there is an invigilator who can clarify your confusion about some questions with vague language or some dubious instructions. But, in distance learning or online quizzes, you don’t have anyone to clarify your doubt if such a situation occurs. You have to perceive some meaning according to your understanding and write the answer. 

  1. Negative Marking

A few professors include a negative marking system also in the question paper. In such cases, the student has two options- leave it blank or tick any option. In most of the cases, it goes in negative marking and the student loses his marks.

  1. Hectic Schedule

Yes, a hectic schedule affects a lot. Sometimes, students have to complete their project, assignment, or they have some industrial training. In such cases, they don’t get time to attempt the quiz or at worse, the timing for their training session and online quiz may be the same. So, they have no option except for skipping the quiz.

Get Online Quiz Help From OnlineTutorHelps

OnlineTutorHelps has a large team of subject matter experts who can solve your online quiz. For taking an online quiz from us, all you have to do is fill the form on our website, tell the support team about the quiz timing, date, question pattern, and the number of questions, and finally make the payment. OnlineTutorHelps is the trust of thousands of students from various countries. Moreover, there are free-to-view samples available on our website that let you analyze our work from your perspective. 

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